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This is a story I wrote that contains most (maybe all) of the sounds in the English language. It’s a silly story that doesn’t have any special meaning. I designed this to be a tool for teachers to discover students’ pronunciation problems. If you’d like ideas about how to use this, be sure to read the instructions as well as download the mp3 and transcript.



  1. Read the story slowly and clearly from beginning to end without stopping. Reading this story quickly is not important.
  2. Listen to the mp3 or look at the IPA Key in the transcript if you’re not sure how to pronounce a word.
  3. Be sure to pronounce every word completely.


  1. Listen to the student slowly read the story.
  2. On your own copy of the story, circle every word the student does not say correctly.


The Tiger and the Girl (MP3) The Tiger and the Girl (vocabulary list and Chinese translation)

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  1. vitas CHINA said on June 4th at 08:24 pm,

    The speed is a little bit slow, I guess.
    How about adding other passages read faster? ‘Cause in that case we can learn the intonation(something like “under the water”, and the linking sound–both can improve our pronouncation and listening skills) from you.
    Anyway, “THANKS” ×10,000!!!

  2. Jane CHINA said on September 15th at 12:13 pm,

    I’m so amazing to see the page because my teacher never use the Internet to teach me.The passage is very clear.I also agree with Vitas.To catch the linking sound is always difficult.Thank you for your web site.It’s realy a surprise to me.

  3. Albert CHINA said on September 26th at 09:20 am,

    Special thanks to Jim Mahler for creating the vocabulary list with Chinese translations.

  4. Ana CHINA said on September 29th at 06:29 pm,

    I guess it is a good way to learn idiomatic English.
    Would it be possible for you to find a solution for my question?I eager to know which tone I should follow?Because every foreigner’s tone is different,whom should I imitate?
    Do I need to change from time to time?
    Thanks very much.

  5. Steven CHINA said on October 4th at 01:19 pm,

    It’s said that the western Californian accent is the most standard.
    Well, I guess, what you need to do is to choose one person and imitate them.
    The person should be the one with good pronunciation & intonation. If you cannot find such a “perfect” person, I recommend you to use the tapes. “Crazy English” books are great! Trust me!

    Good luck, Ana!

  6. Jason CHINA said on October 8th at 05:13 pm,

    Well… there is no such thing as a “standard English accent.”
    English is not like Chinese. There is no yinyu putong hua :)
    The English language is always changing and adapting to time and culture. So, it is impossible to narrow down a time period and region to say “that is standard English.”

    There is a neutral sounding accent, though. That means that the accent is easily understood by all English speakers. That accent comes from the west coast of the U.S. and most of western Canada.

    As for listening to tapes, don’t use “Crazy English” for your pronunciation/listening. That system is not designed to help with pronunciation. It is designed to help students gain confidence. No matter how much yelling out English words you do… if you do it incorrectly… it is still incorrect.

    The best way of course is to speak with a native English speaker, and listen to their examples. But if it is not possible… here are my suggestions…

    I suggest VOA (Voice of America), NPR (National Public Radio), or watch American movies/TV shows. These three suggestions will help your listening for correct usage and pronunciation. Again, this does not replace the time you need to spend practicing speaking.

    Best wishes! Jia you!

  7. Ana CHINA said on October 17th at 11:14 pm,

    I am really grateful for all your suggestions.
    But I prefer Jason’s.
    Now I always go to English Corner to practice my English,to get in touch with the native speakers.
    I believe that if I do this for a long time,I will find the feeling and speak relatively idiomatic English.
    Thank you all!!

  8. Shelley CHINA said on October 23rd at 01:26 pm,

    Your pronunciation is great and we will try our best to make your dream come ture~~!!!
    Thank you~!!!

  9. koko CHINA said on October 31st at 08:34 pm,

    I love Jolin

  10. jacky CHINA said on November 2nd at 11:21 pm,

    I first to visit the websit .. when I saw the websit ,I felt amazing because I thought you should be a good teacher . I decide that I would do my best to learn the English well .. So I would concentre on your class and I hope you could be my first lao wai friend…

  11. Yuki CHINA said on November 2nd at 11:30 pm,

    Albert, though you are not the teacher of my class,but i still like you ,i hope your dream will come true~~

  12. Sea CHINA said on November 6th at 07:30 pm,

    Your class is very interesting, especially when you taught us
    pronunciation. You make me know how to speak real English.

  13. vitas CHINA said on November 2nd at 01:24 pm,

    Yo, koko, join the club!

  14. Paul CHINA said on February 7th at 07:24 pm,

    This is very good exercise thank you my teacher!

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